24 Hours in Trinidad

One of Cuba’s oldest cities

I’ve always favored small towns to big cities, so I’m looking back on my itinerary like what the hell was I thinking?  Small town charm, small town prices, cute cafes, plenty of amazing parks to hike at and I only gave us 24 hours??? I’m not kidding when I say I’d go back to Cuba just to revisit all of the places in Trinidad I didn’t have time to enjoy.

Meet Alexey

We stayed at the “Hostal El Ceremista” with Alexey and his family. It was pretty late when our five hour taxi ride finally arrived but as soon as we did, Alexey and his wife led us up three flights up stairs to a private table set for two on their rooftop patio.  The next morning, we had breakfast on his cousin’s outdoor patio. Idk about you but I love outdoor patios!! Hanging out before the day gets too hot, sipping on some fresh coffee listening to the neighborhood wake up—I love that shit.

Our stay in Trinidad was short so we wanted to make the most of it and take a tour but all of them were booked. I was just gonna wing it when I got there but Alexey was so amazing and helped us organize taxis from Havana to Trinidad and back, a taxi to El Parque de Cuba and a city tour with his friend Junior.  We went hiked and swam at El Parque de Cuba for a couple hours then headed back to the city.

If anyone is browsing through AirBnbs in Trinidad, I highly recommend staying at “Hostal El Ceremista” with Alexey and his family.

El Parque de Cuba



Alexey told us that ___ government gives them 8 CUC a month. To put that into perspective, internet costs them 2-3 CUC…per hour


He cusses like a sailor and loves hip hop—like Biggie, Tupac, Cypress Hill hip hop


I’m pretty sure Junior knew everyone in Trinidad, and I’m not exaggerating. He stopped every few minutes to chat with friends passing by. This doesn’t just go for Junior, though, it went for pretty much everyone we met. Even when we were picked up in Havana by a scuba diving instructor that lives in Matanzas (two hours away), he still managed to greet a few familiar faces “Buenos días.” He was only there for five minutes.

When I asked Junior how he felt about Fidel’s death, he said, and I paraphrase, “Like many people, it was a love hate thing. He did a lot of fucked up shit, exiled and killed a lot of people… but before Fidel my family was living in the forest, and look at me now, making a decent living as a guide in the city.”

Junior also took us to a house where his friend sold black market (but thankfully, legit) cigars. We drank Cuban rum and compared the prices of the different cigars sprawled across his bed (both illegal, as I’m now aware).


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