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One Layover Later: Seven Hours in Shibuya

After 10 sleepless hours on a plane catching up on last year’s movies, we hopped on a train and headed West to spend the Sunday in Shibuya. I somehow remembered where the lockers at the Shibuya station were so we dropped off our luggage and ran over to the Shibuya Crossing. Look at me, knowing where to go and shit.

Shibuya Crossing + Bape + Supreme

We had a list of restaurants prepared—organized by location and rank and everything—but we didn’t have the time to follow it. We ended up at Genki Sushi, a conveyor belt sushi restaurant right around the corner from the Bape Store.

Genki Sushi

Hoshino Coffee Sakuragaoka

We almost gave up on getting our souffle pancakes because the first two cafes we tried were closed. If Hoshino’s was closed too then hey, at least their 7-11s are fire. But they were open, thank God.

I just copped a pack of super slim Mevius menthols so yes, smoking section is fine. When in Asia right?

We’re not proud of the $70 Uber from Shibuya station to Haneda Airport and we probably would have made our flight with time to spare without it. Oh well 😪


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