Pre-Cuba Jitters

Let me take you back to a misunderstanding that happened in 2014. I was taking a Spanish 1 class and we were learning about tengo phrases, one of which was Yo tengo miedo. It means I’m scared but its literal translation is I have fear.

Now, I don’t even know how I picked this word up (although it’s not surprising considering the way my co-workers speak *rolls eyes*) but I was throwing tengo phrases around and instead of saying Yo tengo miedo, I said Yo tengo mierda. Miguel starts cracking up and in my head I’m like that’s fucked up Miguel I just said I was scared. But no.

Mierda means shit. I told Miguel I have shit.

So you can imagine the concern I had going into our trip to Cuba seeing as how I was the only one between the two of us who could kinda sorta speak some Spanish. Ay dios mio this is gonna be interesting.

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