Ubud, Bali

[villa] Tegenungan Waterfall Bebek Bengil   Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary   Uma Pakel  

Great Wall of China

đź“Ť Mutianyu Great Wall Booked with Layover Tour Beijing   

Palawan, Philippines

I landed in the Philippines with a full blown fever thanks to my all-nighter in Saigon the night before. To recap, I stayed up all night while my friends got tattooed at a random parlor we stumbled across wandering the streets of Saigon trying to kill time before sunrise. My family friends doctored me back to health …

Don’t hike a holy mountain with your knees exposed

Hiking up the rocky side of one of the highest mountains in Southeast Asia, with the deafening screech of a million cicadas ringing in my ears, in an ankle-length skirt concealing my indecently short shorts and the oppressive Vietnam humidity bearing down on me…  Let’s be honest. I was miserable. And I really had to pee. …

Sapa, Lao Cai

Coc Ly Tribal Market Our night train arrived in Lao Cai at 4am and from there, we went straight from breakfast to the market. I saw five crying baby goats stuffed into a cage that looked like it was only meant for two so I ran away and made friends with a crying buffalo at the buffalo …

Night Trains

A once in a lifetime experience And by that I mean I hope I never have to relive this experience in this lifetime again. From the top bunk I could see every insect and dust-filled crevice. Sleep on the bottom bunk. What you can’t see won’t keep your skin crawling.

It’s so hot I’m getting Hanoid.

July 2 – July 4 The culture is so rich. There’s a story behind every name and lake and mannerism and my head is spinning but it’s a good kind of disorientation—like eyes closed, head tilted back on a swing type of feeling—dizzying and exhilarating at the very same time. The wooden plank that forces you …